Care Leavers Connect

During the Covid-19 pandemic, work on the ‘Care Leavers Connect’ website was halted. However, we at the CLA have now started work on it again and hope to launch it fully later in 2022. We will notify existing members when it is being launched. We will also publicise it to CLA members and other care leavers. We want it to be a tool for connecting care leavers up in all sorts of ways. This might mean care leavers connecting based on which homes they were in as children (it will cover both children’s homes and foster care). It might also mean connecting on the basis of particular interests. These could be of any kind. The funding for this site was designed to tackle isolation amongst care leavers, so we want the site to be as user-friendly as possible to link up care leavers in as many ways as they want to be linked.

As a resource that is managed by the CLA, it will be care leaver led in everything it does. This means that we can also respond to feedback provided by our members. It also means we can keep members informed of any developments in the wider world that we think might be of interest to them.

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