If you simply don’t have the time to get actively involved in the CLA, but you still want to support our work, you could think about making a donation. All donations will go towards helping the CLA to keep going and to running our projects and campaigns. Also, because the CLA is a registered charity, we can claim an extra 20% back from the government for every £1 you donate. That means, if you donate £10, we actually get £12.80! Here are some of the ways your donation could help:

£5Will pay expenses for 1 hour of volunteer time mentoring care leavers
£10Will allow us to post our guides to 5 care leavers with no email
£20Will provide 1 hour advocacy for a young care leaver
£50Will hire a room for a local meeting
£100Will buy 1000 campaign leaflets
£400Will enable us to send an Access to Records Guide to every Social Services department in the UK, to help towards building good practice

Donate Online

Donating to the CLA online is safe and easy through our Paypal

Donate via Standing Order

Donating to the CLA by standing order is a great way to give regular support. It helps us to budget more effectively and cuts down on our administrative costs. This gives us more time to devote to our projects, services and campaigns. Just a small amount per month can make a real difference! To make a regular donation to the CLA please download the Standing Order Form

Donate through the post

You can of course, just use the old-fashioned method and send a donation via the post to: Care Leavers’ Association, Beehive Mills, Jersey  Street, Manchester M4 6JG